What to do When Looking for Legal Help After an Injury

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You’ve had a bad wreck and you can’t move your neck while sitting in your car within an intersection of a street. This can be a scary thought for many of us as we have no idea what to do. The last thing on our mind is having to call an attorney to come to our recuse. All we know is that we want medical help immediately and for someone to relieve our pain. When you are out of the hospital and this nightmare seems to be over, you might find it has just begun. Here are some things to do when you suffer an injury and need to get some legal help.


If you are still functional and can at least write down some notes, then its best to start trying to remember everything that happened. This could be from what day it was, where you were going and who hit you. This is the type of information you will need to bring to any injury lawyer that you hire. No one knows the case better than you because you were there. It’s up to you to rely all of the information that you can muster even though things are still a bit foggy. You can always find any injury attorney eau claire wi online in your area.


It’s possible some people may have written down your license plate and made note of who you were. This is a good thing as you could find them contacting you and telling you another story. Witnesses will certainly help with your case. You need people who are willing to go on record and testify in court. You will need their name, phone number and address. Try to also see if you remember anyone else that could have seen the accident occur. Were people working at the time and saw it across the street? Try going back to the scene and see if this is actually possible and talk to these people in depth.

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Once you have gathered all of your evidence and have a handful of witnesses, then it could be time to bring in the legal help. You might do this beforehand, but its best to have something concrete in your hand to work with. You need something that can prove your case and get the lawyer interested. Even if you have nothing to share, it doesn’t hurt to call and ask a few questions. The lawyer might be able to guide you on what you need to go back and collect so they can determine if the case is right for their firm.

Once your injury has occurred, you will need to take fast action when looking for legal help. Try to have all of the information handy so you can present it in a organized manner. Don’t waste their time showing up an emotional wreck. Seek out any witnesses that could have seen the injury happen at that time. Call an injury lawyer and get their advice on how to head fo

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