Things to do After a Motorcycle Accident

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You may be a very careful motorcyclist, yet you still find yourself in an accident. What you do immediately after the accident happens is very important and the care you will receive. Following is a guide to help you in case you are ever in an accident.

Immediately after the accident you should get out of harm’s way. Get off the street out of the way of traffic. The reasons for removing yourself out of harm’s way is that the vehicle could leak gasoline and it could catch on fire. You need to get yourself to safety. It is important that you remain calm even if you do not feel that way. Say nothing that makes the situation worse or shows that you are the one responsible for the accident. Do not become hostile to the other victims of the accident.

Take photos of the accident scene. Take photos of the damage to the vehicles and any other property that was damaged. If taking photos would put you or anyone else at risk, do not take them. capture information such as street signs and buildings.

Talk to the people who witnessed the accident. Get information such as name and phone number along with what they saw happen. Make sure that they agree to be contacted. Some people will give a statement to the police, but they will not want to testify in court. Contact your insurance company as soon as you can. give them the details of the accident. Provide them with the names of the people involved and the make, year and model of the vehicles involved. Tell the insurance agent you will provide the details about your injuries once you have been accessed by a doctor. Tell the agent you will also give details about the damage to your motorcycle once the damage has been accessed by a certified mechanic.

Do not admit any guilt to anyone. This includes the police, the others involved in the accident and insurance agents. This will keep you from being blamed for something that was not your fault. Do not lie to the police investigating the accident or to the insurance agent. You can search online for any motorcycle accident attorney annapolis md that is in your area.

If you were injured in the accident, be sure to follow your doctor’s advice. Do exactly as your doctor orders so that your injuries can heal, and you do not end up with any long-lasting effects. Make the most of your insurance claim entitlement. Do this even if the damages to yourself or your motorcycle seem minor. You want to receive the compensation that belongs to you. Some injuries can have long-lasting effects. Have the doctor do a complete assessment of your injuries and factor this into the insurance claim. You cannot reopen a claim once it is closed so you need to be sure to claim everything necessary for you to receive proper compensation.

While these are some guidelines that are good to follow the best thing, you can do is hire a lawyer. A lawyer can help you make sure that everything is completed correctly. A lawyer will also make sure you receive the compensation that you have coming to you.

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