Is My Medical Malpractice Lawyer Right for Me?

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You’ve already brought someone on board, and they are now defending you on a big malpractice case. However, once you have signed over a deposit, you are getting second thoughts. You are not sure what you have done because your case seems like a disaster. You are frustrated because you either don’t hear back from your attorney or they never call you. This can be hard on anyone who is fighting a case that will probably end up in court. Here are some things to think about if whether you hired the right medical malpractice lawyer.


You don’t want to continue any legal relationship that has gone south rather quick. This means that you don’t really feel like the attorney cares about your specific case. They have some concern, but you still feel like a number because they haven’t called you in months. Make sure your attorney is on board and really does show some compassion about your issue. This can go along way regarding trust building as you just might not be feeling it at all. This is normal as some people may feel their lawyer is to business and not really caring about the topic at hand. You can always find any medical malpractice lawyer tucson az in your area.

Bigger firms

You’ve been able to snag a big firm to handle you case, but it’s difficult to sit down face to face. All of the calls are on speakerphone and you’ve never had a chance to even see their office. Not all, but sometimes firms are so big, that it can be hard to meet the client every time they request a meeting. This is something you will have to understand once signing on at a big firm. It’s not that they aren’t working for you, it’s that their caseload is high.


There is nothing more daunting than hiring someone only to find out their reputation of being a bad person is all over the internet. You want your lawyer to stand out among the competition if you can. They should have a great reputation inside the courtroom and out. No one wants to be working on a case where the lawyer is hated by everyone they come in contact with. This can be scary regarding your case. You need to think twice about hiring the attorney that has the worse reputation out there among the public and their colleagues.

You will have to think for yourself if you hired the wrong attorney for your medical malpractice case. This can be done by some observations in their compassion. No one is expecting them to cry every time you see them, but you don’t want to be just a file on a desk either. Bigger firm clients get caught up in the large volume of clients they are trying to manage. Make sure your attorney can give you the appropriate face time you need for meetings and to look over documents. Finally, go with the attorney who has the best reputation when it comes your topic

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