What Does a Tax Relief Attorney Los Angeles Do?

With the highest marginal income tax rate in the nation, many residents of Los Angeles struggle to pay their taxes. A reputable tax relief firm can help alleviate this burden by removing tax liens and bank levies.

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Tax Liens and Levies

Living with tax debt does not have to be stressful, and a skilled tax professional can help clients make it manageable. They can reduce an overwhelming amount of debt with a structured plan that makes sense and is feasible.

Tax liens and levies are two tools the IRS uses to force taxpayers to pay their back taxes if they do not voluntarily write a check. A lien is a warning of the government’s legal claim to the property, and a levy is the actual seizure of a person’s assets or income.

The IRS must send a Final Notice of Intent to Levy and Notice of Your Right to a Hearing before initiating a levy, giving the taxpayer about 30 days to react. A tax relief attorney Los Angeles can work to stop a levy before it does any damage and help remove a lien once the underlying issue is resolved. A lien can affect financial assets, credit, and business interests like accounts receivable.

Tax Audits

A tax lawyer can help you with various issues, including an IRS audit. A tax relief attorney Los Angeles has a primary legal degree plus postgraduate studies in the field of taxes, and they are licensed to practice law in your state.

An IRS audit can be a confusing and frightening experience, but a qualified tax professional can help. A tax relief expert is trained to fight for you against aggressive collection officials who have billions of dollars set aside to chase hard-working individuals like you.

A good tax relief specialist can guide you through the tax audit process, and they will also make sure that all outstanding issues are resolved in the outcome. They can help you with various IRS tax issues, such as FBAR compliance (reporting foreign bank accounts), payroll tax problems, and other federal and state tax matters. They can provide the correct information and documents to support your case promptly and protect your rights.

Tax Problem Resolution

One of the top reasons people seek out a tax professional is to resolve IRS tax problems. Unfortunately, penalties and fines don’t go away on their own. Waiting for them to disappear often means they grow into an avalanche of fees and interest that can be impossible to pay.

Tax resolution specialists can help you get your taxes under control by reducing the amount you owe. They handle all correspondence with the IRS and argue your case to ensure you owe as little as possible while meeting your legal obligation. They can also place your account in currently not collectible status (CNC), which allows you to avoid collection actions if you’re financially distressed.

They stay current on the latest IRS policies and practices that could be barriers to treating taxpayers fairly. They can also file an offer in compromise on your behalf, which is a settlement that the IRS will consider for people who cannot afford to repay their tax debt but cannot demonstrate their ability to pay back the total amount they owe.

Tax Planning

A tax lawyer is qualified to help with all areas of a taxpayer’s IRS issue. For example, they can review transcripts, break down financial situations, and investigate tax debt cases to identify ideal solutions, such as negotiating an installment agreement or filing an OIC.

The complex nature of taxes and related laws can make it difficult for an individual to sift through all the options. However, a reasonable tax relief attorney Los Angeles can do this for their clients and provide them with the best choices.

Living in California doesn’t have to mean putting up with oppressive taxes. Hillhurst Tax Group can assist with tax planning that reduces the percentage of income taxpayers must pay to maintain a comfortable lifestyle and business operations in the Golden State. This can be accomplished through a variety of methods, including:

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