apps-ga1d3c25ac_1920Many law firms have multiple locations. How should multi-location law firms handle websites and marketing? Marketing strategies for multi-location law firms are varied and may require more planning and management than marketing for one location. A multiple-location firm may choose to host multiple websites or just one website incorporating multiple links. A multi-location law firm may focus on improving its Google Business Profile or increasing traffic to its specific locations using legal blogs and informative content. There are best practices in marketing strategies that should be followed depending on your law firm’s practice, expertise, and goals.

Creating Websites For Multi-Location Law Firms
Should my multi-location law firm have one or more websites? More than one website may seem like a good decision if you have multiple office locations, especially if each location focuses on a different type of practice. Consider the following scenarios:

Multiple Websites
Some law firms may choose

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Dinner of friends thanksgivingWhen was the last time you skipped lunch to line dance to Shania Twain’s “Man, I Feel Like a Woman”? Did I mention it was with a group of 50 lawyers at a CLE in Nashville? For me, it was two weeks ago! Very few things are as satisfying as getting the grapevine right to three heel toes to a quarter turn down pat.

Attending the 2022 Clio Cloud Conference reminded me of the importance of friendships as an entrepreneurial lawyer. I connected with lawyer friends from all over the world (yes, even some from the U.K. and Down Under!) I get so excited whenever I have the opportunity to meet with attorneys I’ve met in various phases of my career. These lawyers are awe-inspiring tech founders, law firm owners, professors, and inventors. Fun fact: I met most of the lawyers through social media!

I felt isolated and unsure when

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TIME Person of the Year Elon Musk

(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for TIME)

You should expect Donnie Boy to have Twitter access again soon. Elon Musk — our resident Greater Value Lex Luther with a penchant for naming children after what appear to be slurs in the robot community — is expected to be the majority owner of Twitter by tomorrow.

If your immediate thought looking at this tweet wall of text was “Chris, I’m not trying to read all that, just tell me what this narcissist is getting at,” I am sorry to tell you that Mr. Musk’s Neuralink technology has already pre-empted your concern. He promises that his main motivation to buy the company was not profit, but to “[T]ry to help humanity, whom [he] loves.” It would appear that the cavalcade of Yes Men surrounding Musk failed to mention that this reads as the most ominous promise of benevolence since “We have a

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Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Briefs Media At White House

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

MAGA world loves to hand out subpoenas. But when they’re the recipients of an invitation to come in and explain themselves under oath, well … not so much.

Predictably, the response to Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’s demand that Trump surrogates come in and testify about their actions to overturn Georgia’s election results and hand the state’s 16 electoral votes to Donald Trump has been a massive, collective tantrum.

Most notably, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, who is never happier than when hauling a Democrat in front of the Judiciary Committee for a pummeling, has taken his effort to avoid going under oath all the way to the Supreme Court after losing in Georgia state court, US District Court, and the Eleventh Circuit.

Trump’s White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, a former congressman from North Carolina who now claims to reside in South

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At Salmon Legal Group, P.L., we understand what it takes to start out and develop a business. For several years, pushed by e-discovery and other legal requirements, attorneys focused on data management. A “motion to dismiss” asks the courtroom to resolve that a declare, even when true as stated, just isn’t one for which the regulation affords a legal treatment.

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