apps-ga1d3c25ac_1920Marvel has the Multiverse – a collection of alternate realities where superheroes interact and exist independently but are sometimes cognizant of their counterparts in other realities. Oddly enough, our world has the Metaverse, which is not fiction. It refers to the world that exists in digital format. Find out how the Metaverse impacts your law firm by reading today’s post.

What is The Metaverse?

Some experts define the Metaverse as a 3D version of the internet. Metaverse users interact within a computer-generated space. It’s not limited to one online location; it includes numerous virtual spaces. Many users have avatars that help them interact with others online. It’s like a virtual reality game and continuously evolves.

How Did The Metaverse Come to Be?

The term, Metaverse, is new to most of us. However, it originated in a 1992 novel entitled Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. The Metaverse in his novel was

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trump eyes

(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

You know that weird part of the last few years where even leftists looked back fondly at the Bush administration after seeing what Trump did?: At this rate, future party leadership could make us miss Trump.

Michigan Supreme Court’s new Justice is the first of many: She must have killed the “So why do you want to work here?” part of the interview.

Rule 1 is that you should not misuse client funds: Not sure what number it is, but not misusing federally granted funds is also probably high up on that list.

As expected, counsel defending the “Grab her by the pussy” guy doesn’t seem to have the strongest grasp on little notions like “consent” and “violations of another’s autonomy”: Trump’s counsel argues that raping a woman doesn’t count as a “distinct injustice”.

This New Year’s Resolution? Make friendships out

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cleta mitche;;

Cleta Mitchell (image from the old Foley & Lardner site)

Representative democracy is fine, but let’s not carried away here.

That appears to be the stance taken by Trump lawyer Cleta Mitchell in her acrimonious interview with the January 6 Select Committee on May 18, 2022. Mitchell, who was swiftly un-personned from Foley & Lardner after her involvement with the Trump campaign’s efforts to overturn President Biden’s Georgia win, seemed largely unconcerned with the expressed wishes of the voters.

Here she is explaining that state legislators are entitled under the Constitution to simply reject the results of any presidential election if they don’t like the outcome:

Let me make something very clear. The Constitution of the United States grants plenary power to state legislatures to chose the electors of the state. Congress has enacted a statute which is an enabling law, which I happen to think is unconstitutional, because that

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alan dershowitz

(Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images for Hulu)

Alan Dershowitz is ringing in the New Year the way he rang out 2022 — with a big steaming bowl of hot nuts.

The 84-year-old Harvard professor is hoppin’ mad about a sanctions order leveled against him and two other lawyers for their role in filing a garbage election law complaint on behalf of failed Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake. The case was a manifestation of Pillow Puffer Mike Lindell’s promise to “sue all the machines,” with the plaintiffs seeking an order enjoin the use of electronic voting machines and tabulators in all future elections. Claiming that they were both untested and unreliable, the complaint demanded that all votes be cast on paper ballots.

US District Judge John J. Tuchi dismissed the case for lack of standing, holding that the plaintiffs had “articulated only conjectural allegations of potential injuries that are in any

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apps-ga1d3c25ac_1920Devising and managing a marketing scheme involves much more than creating a website, listing services, and adding blog posts. Online marketing aims to rank higher in search engines than your competition. Achieving high search engine rankings involves a lot of planning, research, and consistent work.

Websites must be designed impeccably and provide ease of access to all users; the perfect keywords must be used to drive the right kind of users to your site; research must be done on competition to see what marketing tactics are working and not working for them; relevant and current content must be added frequently and consistently to demonstrate your firm’s trustworthiness, and search rankings must be high.

This is not an easy task, but a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company can help. If your law firm is growing and your goal is to establish a competitive online presence, an SEO company that understands not

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